QUINCY designation

The vineyard of Quincy is situated in the heart of the Berry between Bourges and Vierzon on the banks of the Cher River and spreads out on 270 hectares. Vines are planted on a former terrace of the Cher River constituted by sands and by grave the light grounds of which quickly warm themselves. Not far from Sancerre, we elaborate our wines from the sauvignon grape varietal.

Some history:

Quincy is doubtless one of the oldest vineyards of the region. The grape varietal Sauvignon was brought to it of the Abbey of the women of Beauvoir by the Monks of the order of Cîteaux.
Wines of QUINCY benefit from the distinction Noble Wine which sends back as long to the history of Duke Jean de Berry, that to the nobility of the grape varietal Sauvignon.

After replantations consecutive to the phylloxera, Quincy is the first one of the vineyards of the Loire Center area to reach the «Appellation» from the first decree in August 1936.

The terroir:

Historic cradle of Sauvignon, QUINCY is characterized by its homogeneous soil. Situated essentially on the left bank of the Cher River upstream to Vierzon, the vineyard extends over 270 Ha. Grounds with dominant of sands and grave rest on grave clayey placed on lakeside limestones of Berry.
Deposited by the Cher River throughout the Quaternary during the digging of its valley, these terraces gave an original soil to Quincy among Wines of Berry Loire Centre.